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You Question, And I Answer
About The Honest Lotto System

Here's a lot of frequently asked questions about the Honest Lotto System, answered patiently by Ken Silver, Author: - "The World's #1 Lotto System."

How does this Honest Lotto System work then?
Ken's Answer:
My Honest Lotto System formula increases your chances of winning thousands of times by combining a series of little-known mathematical tweaks (yes, mine!) that apply to lotto and lottery games only.

How many 'thousands of times' winning increase are you saying exactly?
Ken's Answer:
No-one can work out an exact figure for a game of chance, but many times better than chance, that's for sure. At several points I have gotten wins in as many as 8 games in 10 (80.3% in fact), and recently in 2006 I increased that to 98%.

Is Lotto the same as the Lottery?
Ken's Answer:
In most cases it is. Just check that your game has 5 - 7 balls and from 35 up to 69 numbers in a draw, and it will be covered by the Honest Lotto System. Don't worry if the balls include a Bonus Ball. We cover that in the system.

What countries can I play your system in?
Ken's Answer:
Practically every country that uses a 5-7 ball and up to 69 number lottery game. And online lottos too that use these numbers. That means USA - all states, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Europe, India, Asia, Philippines, Pacific regions, Australia, New Zealand (my home country!), and many more. So far it won't work in Malta, which has 90 numbers. But I'm working on that.

Will your Honest Lotto System work with Keno, Cash-3, Pick 4, or any other type of game like horse racing, casino and greyhound betting?
Ken's Answer:
No. At the moment Honest Lotto System is designed specifically for Lotto and similar format lottery games only, but I'm working on other lottery combinations. If the game has 5- 7 balls and 35 up to 69 number selections, then you can use the Honest Lotto System successfully.

Will your Honest Lotto System let me play Online Lottos?
Ken's Answer:
Yes, if the combinations are the same as many lotto games, no problem.

Do I have to remember my schoolday maths? Are there complicated sums to do?
Ken's Answer:
No. You don't do anything you need a calculator for. If you can follow a series of simple steps, you can fill in your own formula easily. You enter the figures yourself on your cards from a Master Sheet, using an old-fashioned ball-point. There's step by step illustrations in the manual to help you along too. And if you really detest working any numbers, you can even buy custom numbers designed just for you (custom40.htm)

Many Lotto games ban duplicated numbers. Does your Honest Lotto System use those?
Ken's Answer:
No. There are no duplications in Honest Lotto System. In fact, there are specific instructions so that you don't use duplicate numbers unintentionally.

Is your system complicated?
Ken's Answer:
Well, are you over the age of 12 and can't add to save yourself? There's your answer. You'll be fine. (OK, you might have to be over 18 to play Lotto in some places, but you know what I mean!)

So if your system is so good, why aren't you charging $10,000 for it, or winning it all the time yourself?
Ken's Answer:
Isn't that the sort of question you ask the psychic fraternity? My case is different because I openly and honestly acknowledge that I can't guarantee either you or me a win. No-one can do that. As I've said before, it's a random numbers game. All we can do is reduce the odds of losing, and let luck and chance play their part. With the help of the Honest Lotto System, of course!

So, if you sell millions of your system, surely that means that thousands of winners will share the same prize, making it hardly worth entering.
Ken's Answer:
Don't worry. Each player fills out a different set of numbers using my system. There will be overlaps, but it's rare. Too, I've found that human nature being what it is, a large percentage will have given up early in the playing process, even as easy as my system is to play. The last 1%--determined, persistent people like you and me--will play right through to your big prize day. And don't forget the Honest Lotto System is about INCREASING your chances of a win--not getting you the winning number... no-one can promise that. And since everyone will be taking different numbers with Honest Lotto System, the variables are still there--only you're thousands of times better off!

Why should I trust a system that needs to promote itself as 'honest,' fergoodnesssakes!
Ken's Answer:
Yes - I'm different to the rest of the world! First off, I'm upfront and straight about the potential of playing lotto with my system with you. That means you get full and complete answers to any question you ever ask. And I give both sides of lotto chances situations, good and bad. I believe this is the best way to present the Honest Lotto System so that you can make the correct choice for yourself. I may not sell as many systems this way, but I sure do sleep soundly at night!

How much do I have to invest each week to get a win?
Ken's Answer:
Depending on your own lotto game's base prices, anything from a few dollars up. I often spend up to $60 per week for my one set of numbers--you can invest much less or more if you want. But the more you spend, the higher your chances, and it's the best way to have the same sort of odds that I do.

How long does it take each week to play Honest Lotto System?
Ken's Answer:
Just the time it takes to get your local lotto shop and back. You only fill the system out once when you receive your manual, in about 30 minutes (excluding popping out to the kitchen for a quick coffee in the middle). Or you can buy a set of ready-made Profiles and be done in a minute or two.

How big is your manual?
Ken's Answer:
It's about 50 pages. If that doesn't seem much for the money (my last manual, "eBook Secrets" was 420 pages), the news gets worse (but better for you)... only about 20 pages are devoted to the actual system itself. The rest of the manual deals with instructions each for the 3 different number systems. So if you're looking for a giant encyclopedia on the history and potential of Lotto systems before revealing an incredibly complex system, this manual is not it. But if you want results in the least possible time, buy it now because that's exactly what you're getting.

Can I buy your Honest Lotto System anywhere else, or as a proper book?
Ken's Answer:
The Honest Lotto System manual is sold only as a password-protected PDF file, or in an onscreen website for WebTV users. Not as a book yet. And it is only available from my website here.
It is also sold on my behalf by affiliates, but if you see it being sold or given away elsewhere on the net, like Ebay, that is an illegal act and a copyright violation. Please report it to me. I may even reward you!

Do you have an affiliate program?
Ken's Answer:
Yes indeed. (I like that question - it shows you want to help me make the Honest Lotto System the biggest seller on earth). See the full details below and on most pages on this website. As my sales partner (an authorized Silver Seller), you get up to US$20 (50% commission) for every sale of the program, paid to you automatically every 2 weeks via ClickBank. See below to sign up (you need to be an Honest Lotto System owner first though). It's a great affiliate program because I only get a tiny number of refunds--just over 2%, and most are because their email filters stop the program from arriving. And the Honest Lotto System is wanted by tens of millions of players--whether they realize it or not. That's our job, to tell them what they're missing. A huge 70% of all my sales now come from affiliates - I love you guys!

Ken, frankly I'm skeptical about lotto systems. Why is yours any different?
Ken's Answer:
I can understand that you're skeptical about the crazy promises that many lottery systems promote. But take a look at the difference between my Honest Lotto System and the rest. First, unlike other systems, I don't promise you any wins at any time. You have to agree this has got to be an unusual way to sell a system. But many people have found out that played properly the Honest Lotto System can work and achieve good wins. Just check out the many testimonials: But you could also play for a week or two without seeing a dime in winnings. But that's all part of the randomness of the lottery, and no system can guarantee you success - even mine.

I also have a Trippple One Year money-back guarantee. Other systems are quite the reverse. They have so little faith and commitment in their system they don't have a guarantee--or else it's a tough one. I'll always assist you with my NUMBERS WORKSHOP, free to every buyer, if you have any problems at any time (I even answer in the weekends!). I check your numbers and playing strategies if you need it. You'll always have help on hand!

Feeling confident now? Then why don't you buy the Honest Lotto System right now - you'll also get a huge 30% discount if you ORDER Now And Get Your Honest Lotto System Manual Instantly With My 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee!


Your winning partner,

Ken Silver
Author "Honest Lotto System" since 1991

PS. Just order from the link above my signature right now! Oh, and don't forget my 1 Year Tripple Guarantee.

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