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A $124,960 Winner!

Dear Ken,
I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that I won $124,960 last week with your system and I'm so so grateful.

Jo Shalcross.

A $500,000 Near-Miss

Hi Ken,
I just want to let you know that your system really works!!! Few days ago, while checking the profiles created as per your system against past winning draws, one of the combinations hit the jackpot (all 6 numbers) exactly. I was totally shocked and could not believe my eyes!!!
John Tay

$50,000.00 winner!

Hi Ken,
. This month... me and a partner won $50,000.00 2nd prize in Ontario 49 jackpot here in Toronto.

Jeff Westcott
Toronto Canada.

Read these three endorsements from Don Kellough, and watch how he gets win after win as the week goes on!

Hi Ken
I bought your lotto system a few days ago and it paid off. I spent $30 on our 6/49 draw and 5 of my numbers paid for $1,889.40 and I also got 4 numbers for $68.40 a grand total of $1,957.80.
Amazing system!

Don K. from Canada

Holy Smokes Ken.
I just checked my numbers and I got 5 numbers again for another $2,463 for the December 22nd draw. Last weekend December 17 I won $1,957.80. This could become a full-time job for me. That's a total of $4420.80 in one week.

Don K. (Canada)

Hi Ken,
All totaled in about 3 weeks is $4,837.50.
I spend about $30 per week which means that I have spent about $90 and have earned $4837.50. Pretty good return huh?

D Kellough

And They Keep Writing To Me - and Winning...

OK Ken, here's my news!!!! I won $3,550.00 yesterday!!! Wow! It might not seem much to some of you others but it is a frikking fortune to me.

Jerry Steinecker, LA.

Ken - you are truly Father Xmas! I won $1,409.00 in the 6/49 last Saturday, and our family haven't stopped celebrating since!


Ken, I got $679.00 on Wednesday in the draw. This is a fantastic system you've got. I can't believe my luck. Rock on!!!

Julie Bremer













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Dear Friend,
.....Am I possibly the stupidest person on the net asking you to believe in an 'honest' Lotto program? And what exactly is my little-known secret formula that is turning the lotto world on its head?
.....Answers are a-coming for you. And let me tell you, they are different to every other Lotto system on the planet.
.....First let me say this, quite bluntly: In my own 13 year's lotto experience, I can say that most lottery gambling programs with their vague promises and flaky workings just don't deliver.
.....These systems can't get you anywhere, and if they do it's nothing more than pure luck. But all that is about to change for you...

Won $281,183.00

6 November

Dear Ken, I'm writing to advise you that my aunt and uncle won a major prize in our Tattslotto on Saturday night.. When I talked to them yesterday my auntie says she bought your system last week and this was the first one they had entered using it.

Robert Welan, Sydney.

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Newsflash - $124,960.00 Winner!

Dear Ken,
I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that I won $124,960 last week with your system and I'm so so grateful. I cant believe my luck honestly, and have to keep pinching myself. Our family celebrated quite a few evenings out afterwards too, so it's only been now that I can sit down and thankyou for your super system. I'll write some more shortly, but til then thanks and thanks again!!!!!

Jo Shalcross.

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Your Win Success Rate

.....First let me explain why my Honest Lotto System - even after 13 years, me 'winning' over $2million* and selling many manuals - is not really a "winning" system.
..... But it's the best lotto system you'll find anywhere.
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.....Loud and clear, here it is:
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  • If you figure out the real chances of winning, the odds are often up to I in 41 million for a $1 game (California Super Lotto Plus). You should start setting your $100 notes alight... this way it's more fun than putting them on Lotto.

  • The popular lotto systems - like the number-numbing Wheeling systems - get the winners only because they were hyped up at their inception and attracted a large number of participants. But an individual's chances in wheeling are just as slim as rolling a dice to win lotto.

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A Half-Million Dollar Near-Miss

6 January

Hi Ken,
.....I just want to let you know that your system really works!!! Few days ago, while checking the profiles created as per your system against past winning draws, one of the combinations hit the jackpot (all 6 numbers) exactly. I was totally shocked and could not believe my eyes!!!
.....If I have came across your system 6 months ago, I would be half a million dollars richer today!!! In between, I did won some small prize winnings. It's so easy and enjoy using it.
.....I'm now convinced and will continue to use your fantastic Honest Lotto system and start to recommend this wonderful system to my friends through your sales affiliate program.

John Tay

*Here's How I 'Won' $2million In My Country's Lotto,
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.....When I first started selling my Honest Lotto System over a decade ago, I kept accurate records of every play and win. Then I took some years off to write a couple of other topic manuals and develop my expertise as one of the top net marketers in my field of "how-to" manuals.
..... I'm still selling them - over 500,000 copies later. More about that in the "About Ken" page.
..... In all that time I didn't keep up with the Lotto figures, But in October 2001 I started to plot my own system numbers against the draws in those years.
.I couldn't believe it. I had gotten an unbelievable percentage of wins in each game - a total average of 80.3%. But worse was to come... I figured I lost over Two Million Dollars from not plunking my money down on the Lotto shop counter in that time.

What I Really Think Of The Lotto Competition...

.....Since I started almost 13 years ago, a lot has happened. Everywhere I peer on the net I see elaborate software systems.
..... There are complex javascript systems, standalone software programs for your computer... it seems almost every gaming system in the world is automated now. All trying to beat the odds.
..... Makes no difference to me whatsoever.
.....That's because making a product into a software program gives no advantage at all if the idea behind it still doesn't work. And most don't.

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Remember John's $500,000.00?

6 January

Hi Ken, I just want to let you know that your system really works!!! Few days ago, while checking the profiles created as per your system against past winning draws, one of the combinations hit the jackpot (all 6 numbers) exactly. I was totally shocked and could not believe my eyes!!! ...

John Tay

John's good luck didn't stop there...

8 January

Hi Ken, I want to let you know that I have won $658.00 in our country lotto draw on 7 Jan 2002. This is the first time that I have a win which I did not expect. Once again, thank you for your wonderful system. It really works!!!

John Tay

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